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When two sickeningly sweet people get more and more excited, while talking about what they think are good, happy subjects.

It often reaches a point where the participants:

1. face each other and grip hands
2. hop up and down and spin
3. emit faster and louder screeching

This results in the more "realistic" listeners, to violently upchuck.

Pollyanna was a best-selling 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter, about an eternally positive young girl, and was adapted for film by Disney in 1960. It starred child actress Hayley Mills, who won an Oscar for the role.
Marrissa: Guess who smiled at me at work today!!!

Natalie: That really hunky guy???

Marrissa: YESSSSSSSS!!!

Joe: OMG, it's a friggin' Pollyannafest!!! *sound of projectile vomiting*
by iconoguy December 12, 2009
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