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pokethingz is not just a rly bad ripoff of teh well known pokemon(a wut now?), it has many more of teh luls, including characters which wuld be banned if anyones were dared to oppose it.

characters r based on ppl on RL, mainly in a group of freinds consisting of malik, reece, mariel and hu culd 4get teh loveable, sexually confused persona of faisal (everyone).
person 1: omigod, you read teh new comicz called pokethingz?
person 2: zomg wut? you mean pokemon?
person 1: lul no, u n00b. pokethingz is much betta and has more lulz.
person 2: ah kk
person 3: lols i just read teh comic
by Faisal Reza March 08, 2008
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pokethingz is a comic based around teh lives of 3 ppl (based on chars from RL) who acquire magical animals what, once released frawm sum cubez, do their bidding.

some characters, such as the professor (also frawm RL), are not suitable for the younger audience due to extreme sexual deviancy.

otherwise, this comic is totally liek, for teh lulz.
noob: lul wuts pokethingz?
pro: wat did u say, i was too busy roffling after reading teh new issue of pokethingz


*failfish dus splash*


proffessor: come here my little lamb chops...
by yellnoob March 08, 2008
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