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plant·own /ˈplan-tohn'/
–verb, -wn·ed, wn-d, -wn·z0rd.

1. When you ain't pickin' the cotton fast enough and the slave massa come to whoop ya (deriv. plantation+pwn)
2. When you slip on a banana in Mario Kart (deriv. plantain+pwn)

Origin: circa 1750; Southern Alabama. See pwn, plantain plantation
Ex. 1
Me: Let's play some beirut!
Justin: It's only playing if you had a chance.
Me: True, I am about to be plantowned like every ethnicity versus the white man.
Justin: n8b.

Ex. 2
Dan: Omg 1337 we gotz a banana in Mario Kart: Double Dash
John: Deploy back banana!
Other n8bs: Ahhh
Dan: Bitch you got plantOWNeD!
by Dr. Quest January 28, 2007
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