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a guido male, who has the similar mental stability as a piece of wood. His favorite activity includes "beating up" the pussy, or as he calls it "that box." Even though his "guidoness" keeps him from getting laid, he still prides himself on his thrusting techniques and believes that the reason he was put on this earth was to fuck when he really is horrible at it. And at the end of the day he just has to tuck his sack back to remind himself of what he never gets. His favorite phrases include: "ima carve me somma dat roast beef," and "i wanna suck on those hershey kiss nipples of yours."
Neil: "Let me see ya flop dem titties fo me."
Room full of mcclarreannes in unison: "Jeezus Neil you are such a plankbox sometimes."
by Sara Uitnutyski April 30, 2009
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