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A mmorpg game being developed by a small group of people who are doing it in their free time. It has a huge fan base, including me. And when it's ready and big people will start to write about it here, cause its gonna be free to play, unlike all the other shit out there. I just want to be the first.

Also used to describe anything better than runescape.
gangster numero uno - "gangsta' that game is g'd up."
gangster numero doce - "no homes, its not, stop talking like that. But you could say its Planeshift. Because its better than runescape, and rocks our world."
by Ajdaha July 27, 2004
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Free, open source MMORPG, based in the strange, magical world called, "Ylakium" Commonly inhabited by 9 year old players, 40 year olds acting like 9 year old players, or 9 year olds acting like 40 year old player and failing miserably.
Hey, want to play a nice game of hide and go seek on Planeshift?
by Kixie March 29, 2005
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Rediculously buggy (in terms of crashiness, not just innocent server bugs) online game which is free to play. The price is undoubtably right, and it has potential if only it could become stable.
The client has crashed. Would you like to save a diagnostic file?
by Snuffkin February 05, 2005
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