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Planetarium, said by someone who has an extremely rare disease which consists of not being able to pronounce the "t" in (and only in) the word planetarium. Pronounce: "planay'aarium"
Let's go to the plane'arium, oh by the way sorry I can't pronounce the "t" in plane'arium.
by Edgar Pruviance June 02, 2009
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Involuntary mispronunciation of the word plane'arium. Thought to be caused by a rare bone disorder that causes a person to be unable to pronounce the 'T' in the word plane'arium. Over 10 million new cases are diagnosed every year.
1) You love the Plane'arium.
2) You need the Plane'ARIUM.
3) To be without the Plane'arium causes you horrible pain. HORRIBLE, STICKY PAIN.
by Supermuff May 28, 2013
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