Referred to in popular American sitcom Friends, in which in one episode Phoebe and Joey concoct an 'evil' plan to get Rachel and Ross back together by setting them both up on terrible dates in the hope that they realise how right they are for one another or something.

But anyway, once they have formed the plan Phoebe points out that this means they can do the plan laugh, which is basically an evil laugh which follows the creation of a good ol' fashioned evil plan. Usually used by villains such as Bond villains etc.

It goes a bit like this, "Muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa"
Phoebe: Ooooooh, now we get to do the plan laugh!
Joey: How does that go?
Phoebe: Muahahahahahaaaa
Joey: Oh I get it, wohohohohohooooo...
Phoebe: It's not Santa's plan.
by Zelda199 January 6, 2007
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