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1) Pertaining to hipster subculture. Derived from previous uses of "collar" to describe class: blue-collar, white-collar, green-collar. Conotes the, perhaps, more mature subsection thereof.

2) Used to describe a class of professionals (after the fashion of white-collar, and blue-collar) who work in fields associated with information, creativity, social-media, etc.

3) Liberal arts majors who manage to get a job where they only wear ties if they feel like it, and with the top button undone.
Hipster 1, "Winston just got a job at the Huffpo as a social-media coordinator."
Hipster 2, "Totally, kewl, joining that plaid-collar workforce."

"Dude, I forgot my rooibos tea, at the new lunch-time yoga, I'm totally a plaid-collar worker."
by Pseudophor January 06, 2013
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