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The most fly chick crew this world will ever witness.... it doesn't get any better than this!
Anand- "Damn... who's that chick? She's smokin!"
Sagar- "Hell yah! She must from pk2saynhr... they so fly!"

Guy 1: "Who are those girls?"
Guy 2: "Idk... but they're hot! They must be part of the most fly crew eva!
Guy 1: "Huh?"
Guy 2: "Pk2saynhr... duh! C'mon man... get yo head in the game!"
by patelpatel July 20, 2010
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They got beauty, brains, and balls. Together they are a solid 100 on the rating scale. When they enter a room, everyone knows.
If you want one of these, then you better try hard.... real hard!
Harry- "Holy Shit... I want me some of that pk2saynhr."
Friend- "Boy, u gonna have to try hard cuz they aint easy to get."
Harry- "Oh that's easy... I'll reel them in easy! I mean have you seen my charm."
Friend- "Nigga.... don't you wish! Only in your dreams!"
by rpatel July 21, 2010
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