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v. A version of pwned that has been corrupted to the point of extreme sarcasm and hilarity. To be used when saying "pwned" in a joking manner.

It is to be used to make fun of both the user and the one who has been pwned.

It can be used as is, but more corruptions can be added for a funnier affect:

- p1zz0wrn3d!!
- P1Zz0WRN3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

(To ensure that one does not suffer ridicule from others, the word "pizzowrned" should only be used jokingly. Adding a statement such as "lol" afterwards may be desired for the purpose of making sure nobody will think you are a total "NOOB" for saying such a rediculously immature corruption of a word already corrupted more than it should be.)

I just totally pizzowrned them all!!!
by sHoRt bUs kId October 09, 2007
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