the most amazing person you'll ever meet. yes, they may be called pizzaboy but they really are a girl. she's the most awesome person ever, being the owner of a discord server with 250+ members. she is incredible. i love her.
Person 2: "OH MY GOD IT IS!!!"
pizzaboy: "hi guys"
Person 1&2: AHHHHHH *fangirling*
by January 15, 2021
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A fucking twat who’s life is focused on pizza, they do nothing else except think of pizza, they call themselves something related to pizza in EVERY THiNG they have an option for a custom name, usually young children could be nicknamed a pizzaboi,all of these should be killed on sight, these people lust and ejaculate over pizza.
Kids who are pizzabois could usually are mentally ill in most cases, and usually also spend a lot of time on survival games.
Person 1: I’m fairly sure that kid might be a pizzaboi
Kid; PiZZaAaaAaaAaAaAaAaaAaAsaAAA
Person 1: *takes out gun*

pizza, fnaf
by Belphagorius March 26, 2018
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