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An insult coined by Miami lawyer and anti-videogame crusader Jack Thompson to describe gamers who fought back against his attempts to ban violent games. While intended as an ad hominem insult, some gamers have taken the mantle on proudly as "pixelantes".

Believed to be a portmanteau derived from "pixel", a reference to videogame graphics, and "vigilante".
Glad to be of service in annoying the pixelante pukes.
by aniki21 October 21, 2005
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Originally, a term coined by Jack Thompson, referring to members of the internet-based gaming subculture who have taken it upon themselves to take action against him for his harassment of Mike Krahulik, the artist from the webcomic Penny Arcade.

The term has since been reclaimed by two designers at Straight Loop, who have made a tshirt design based on the word.
"Several weeks ago some gamer idiot (sorry to be redundant) managed to email me thousands of death threats from a blast e-mail service based in Ireland using the following e-mail address: The Secret Service shut that pixelante right down."
by idriveajeed October 21, 2005
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Someone who when they disagree with someone they use the internet and various other means to orchestrate death threats.

Coined by Jack Thompson in reference to the Penny Arcade creators and others who stood up against his crusade against video game violence.
"You don't think Grand Theft Auto is corrupting america's youth?! You little pixelante!!"
by James Knightsbridge October 27, 2005
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People, mainly gamers, who are seized by a kind of madness and become a vigilante in the name of video games.
Penny Arcade's fans became pixelantes because of a crazy lawyer's uneducated "crusade" against violent video games.
by T. Hatch October 25, 2005
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