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A state of alcoholic enlightenment that spawned a random phrase by a skateboarder that goes by the alias of Jamie.

When totally off his face at a friend's 18th he ran around saying this quite comical phrase hoping to arouse a few people (or so I have heard) or just for the sheer comic value.

In essence it is a mixture of ''pissed'' and ''drunk''. However, when inhibited by alcohol, a persons vocabularical skills somewhat take a severe turn for the worse. This results in both ''pissed'' and ''drunk'' being brought together to form ''pissdrunx''. The last X was added due to this person sluring their words.
Its pissdrunx Jamie, feeling fine and dandy

Im so pissdrunx its not funny

Me: Want another Magners
Jamie: No, im too pissdrunx to take one.
by Danny December 11, 2004
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