\PIS'kan\ (n.) A somewhat vulgar slang term for a wall-mounted porcelain urinal.
Hey, I need to use the f'ing pisscan before we leave!!!
by Telephony March 10, 2012
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(Also piss can) Canada and Northern USA (not sure if used in other places).
A fire extinguisher, usu. of the pressurised water type.
After the forest fire across the lake, we spent the rest of the day putting our firefighting equipment back in, except I did leave several pisscans full of water ready to use just inside the door of the storage shed.
by gdotb1 January 21, 2017
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Alcoholic, person who drinks a lot
I can't believe she drank all that vodka, she's a right pisscan.
by blue.monday November 18, 2010
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