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Total vaginal annihilation caused by the inability to handle unusually large male sex organs.
Back in the day, JB used to piss pound U of I ladies on a regular basis.
by JD May 10, 2004
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The feeling a trans person gets when he/she/they are able to start presenting as the gender they identify as and people start treating them accordingly
When they used my proper pronouns, my gender dysphoria became gender euphoria
by Black_berry September 13, 2018
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To total demolish a woman's vagina or rectal cavity. To obliterate complete sensation in either orphace. To make her never want to have sex because the pain is so bad it would be like taking a 30 lbs shit.
by Vince March 21, 2003
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To give a fist pound to your homie while peeing in the stall next to them.
Mike gives his friend John a pisspound while urinating in the bathroom stall.
by LilAjh August 28, 2016
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