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an 'innovative' term used by Bernard Black in the UK television series 'Black Books'.
Commonly assumed to mean a person of little worth.
'of this, and many other things I am an innovator, which is why i feel free to address you only as..........piss midget'
by Kat Priddy September 05, 2006
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Eastern Canada and New England term for the biting insect also known as ceratopogonidae, biting midges, or no-see-ums. This nuisance pest takes a bite of flesh and pisses in the wound causing instant itch with burning.
This screened in porch would be lovely if not for the piss midgets, the screen doesn't even slow them down.
by LesG June 25, 2018
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1. One who pisses on midgets.
2. A midget whom is pissed on.
3. A random, crackpot idea of a term to call people in UT.
DaSniper: wassup pissmidget!?
No_Nuts: lollerz
by DaSniper August 25, 2007
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