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the first album made by Pink Floyd. released first in the UK in 1967. three versions were released and all are different. the UK version and US version have most of the same songs, while the Japenese release has all of them. this was one of the best Pink Floyd albums because Syd Barret wrote about 95 percent of the songs, which automatically clasifies this at the genious level of musical tallent. While not the trippiest album by pink floyd, it is fun to trip out and listen to. Assholes who dont really listen to pink floyd and just name drop because they want to be cool will not really know of this album. they only know of the wall and dark side. this album is the most truly psychedelic of the pink floyd albums
non-fan:GEE GOLLY i love pink floyd
fan: yea me too.
non fan: my favorite albums are the wall and dark side of the moon
fan:dude, what about piper at the gates of dawn, you know syd barret age shit. what about post waters?
non-fan:yea, thats all cool tooo!!!
fan:i'd kill you, but i'm really high right now.
non-fan:whats "high"?
by dont forget the eyedrops April 22, 2007
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debut album of the great pink floyd, british psychedelic at its best, released in 1967, considered on of the best floyd albums released.
piper at the gates of dawn is awsome, syd barrett was a genious
by kyle johnston August 06, 2006
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