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A PipBuck ("Pipbuck") is a miniature, portable, Terminal-like device issued to every inhabitant of a Stable once they are deemed old enough to start work, typically coinciding with a pony getting their cutie mark. They are worn on a foreleg, just above the hoof, and consist of a metal cuff with a screen. A blend of late-war magic and scientific advances, a PipBuck is able to monitor the wearer's health, personal inventory, and correspondence, and can be used as a reference when building, repairing, or attempting to interact with equipment or technology. PipBucks also have limited magical functions, such as the E.F.S. (Eyes Forward Sparkle), S.A.T.S. (Stable-Tec Arcane Targeting Spell), and the ability to automatically scan the wearer's surroundings to determine threats or terrain. It also includes a lamp, radio receiver, Geiger counter, and a short-range transponder that can be used to track its location.
"You might want to watch it. It's rumored that the Grand Pegasi Enclave and certain technology enthusiasts have been known to remove hooves just to more expediently collect the Pipbucks."
by Evilbob dA June 21, 2015
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