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a type of insane that goes far beyond what one sees on the surface. a transcendent type of insanity that is best when lyricized into song.
"'Round, 'round, get around,
I get pinsane" - The Beach Boys

"Can't stop, addicted to the pinsane,
Chop top, he says I'm gonna pinsane"
- The Red Hot Chili Peppers
by pinsanity69 January 29, 2017
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Pinning a large number of pins in a short period of time on Pinterest.
(credit: Susan McKay)
Susan went pinsane after her boyfriend proposed; now she has 18 different wedding boards on Pinterest.
by chandles October 29, 2013
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Used to describe someone with a Pinterest board for every aspect of their life. Wedding, interior design, personal wardrobe, pet stuff, etc.
Megan: Did you see my new spring fashion board? I added boho dresses, wire-wrapped jewelry, gladiator sandals...
Kat: You are positively pinsane.
by KitKatastrophe July 21, 2016
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