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A vagina. May be used as a noun, verb, adjective, etc. Attaining pussy from a girl and achieving your manhood of pulling straight babes. No wanks may receive this due to the incomprehensive understanding of growing some balls. Most commonly associated with "Pinnochio" as his long nose is displayed as a device used to insert into the pinnoch. Getting pinnoch is the #1 goal for every guy. Most females find this as innapropriate but funny as a way to initiate contact and sexual seduction. "Pinnochy" is a word referencing the calling of a female in place of her name. "PinnochLand" is the reference of "Disneyland" but instead refers to the actions of acquiring it in quote "the happiest place on earth." And we all know why. All and all, go get the pinnoch.
Can I get the pinnoch?
Babe I just want the pinnoch it'll be really quick.

Let's go to PinnochLand.

Stop being such a pinnoch wank.

Fam I'm about to go home and get some pinnoch.

My girl gave me the pinnoch at Disneyland it was great.

Get over here Pinnochy.

What that pinnoch do?
Getting the pinnoch is ruhspect.
by Pinnoch October 13, 2016
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