The creator of baby shark a evil fucking child song that gets into your head and turns you into a fucking 5 year old nigger slut
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by Lordlemonwolfie February 20, 2019
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Pinkfong is a pink desert fox that lives in some planet called "staria". Little information is known about that planet other than that it is similar to earth. Pinkfong also have his best friend named hogi. Think sonic and tails but the other way around and you have a pretty good explanation of what i'm saying. Hogi is known as a "walking ecyclopedia" alot. Back to pinkfong, Pinkfong is known for being everywhere! On YouTube rewind, on tik-tok, on iheart radio concerts, on TV eventually, seriously, you can't escape him no matter how hard you try! Even if it supposedly for preschoolers, there are some adults that like pinkfong for some reason. I tried escaping from him, once, but he's still everywhere. So, that's my expatiation for pinkfong.
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by Mr. Horns January 04, 2019
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