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Is to be rude or to ignore someone!!!

It is also to be left on read or your message not to be opened
Pineoclean: Message not been opened by someone
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by Pineoclean89 June 02, 2018
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Pineoclean is someone who is rude (occasionally/all the time), ignores you, ditches you in fortnite or is annoying sometimes and doesn’t let you give other people in fortnite bandages. An annoying person who always ditches you on fortnite but is the o ly reason the squad wins. They are always on just now on snap and always have time to open everyone else but your snap. Overall a Pineoclean is annoying but a really good, trustworthy, loyal and funny friend.
Stop being such a Pineoclean!!
You're being so annoying Pinoclean.
#Relatable Pineoclean ya know
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by pinoclean June 22, 2018
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