a crazy old man. he spends half the night in a yahoo chatroom talking about his moun generator.(that he never made) he also frequently threatens people with a report to the fbi,nsa,cia. beaware this man knows john ashcroft. this man was a sworn enemy of eagle_averro_isme and they have since parted. pindar has a small following of people. but his main follower goes by the handle bob_dylan_on_steroids and will not leave this old crazy man alone.
pindar would say "what the fuck are you doing you cock sucker. them hackers will get you. cock sucker.

fucker im goner make a call to john ashcroft and get you put in prison for a few nights"
by pureone September 19, 2004
An elderly man named Glenn Farnsworth who is in the Yahoo Chat - Beyond Planet Earth 2. He claims to have invented a Muon Generator and is often bothered by various people. He will bring up information on people he doesn't like and threaten to report them to the government.
"You dipshits who are into that gay KDK better stop harrassing me or I'll call the nuisance bureau!"
by master stghm May 1, 2005