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Pulling a Colbert, or to pull a Colbert. Related to "pulling a Stewart", q.v.

Taken from The Colbert Report, a pinch-snatch is to pinch one's eyeglass stem and then use the same hand to snatch one's eyeglasses from one's own face while fixing a piercing, somewhat imperious eyeglass-less stare on someone, or upon a handy nearby camera.

Lends instant gravitas to the pinch-snatcher and makes the subject or target feel he is under intense judgment and surveillance. Best when deployed in the midst of an important sentence brimming with gravitas, such as, "There can only be one answer to the problem Republicans present America... PINCH-SNATCH... truthiness." or "You want to know what I think, Jeff? I'll tell you what I think. I think... PINCH-SNATCH... it's Miller Time."

The pinch-snatch is incomplete and impotent without the added accessory of a cleverly arched eyebrow.
"The stalwart, masculine, patriotic and trustworthy news anchor turned facing me filled with gravitas, deployed a pinch-snatch, arched his eyebrow, and reported the bird dropping had indeed been in his sandwich, as I suspected."
by Brandywine September 21, 2006
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