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A sexual party game usually practiced in high school or college where one party goer is stripped naked and blindfolded. Other party guests take turns giving head or screwing the blingfolded person after which the blindfolded person must try to guess who each was. Each guest takes a turn being blindfolded. The winner is the person who correctly identifies the most people who had sex with them.
I was the first girl to be blindfolded during pin-the-tail game. I was a freshman and it was my first ever sex party and I was a little concerned since I had only had sex with one guy a couple of times. I quickly learned that guys come in all sizes. Guessing only two of the seven guys correctly, I did not win the game and was very sore the next day. One of the bigger guys must have opened me up a little more as my underwear was spotted in the morning.
by BRD October 29, 2004
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