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noun: a person that is a pimp and is awesome
Verb: acting like a pimp and being awesome(also know as pimpsoming)
Adjective: awesome and pimping is a quality of a pimpsome

Once upon a time in world history class Jessica and Emily were bored and the teacher was late. They were bone-headed freshmen(as the principal liked to call all the freshies).They decited to go draw on the board but didn't know what to draw. Then it came to them. Jessica said a pimp because she's a pimp! Then Emily said yea that'd be awesome. Emily was all like yea we awesome! Jessica was like we pimps!! so they decided to combine the words...awimps....awps....but none seems quit so right......then it hit em! that is the marker anyways:) pimpsome!!!!!! pimpsome was the most pimpsoming word anyone could ever think of! They wrote it all over the board. When the teacher came in she was shocked. From there on Jessica and Emily would be known as the pimsoming rising sophmores of all the pimpsomed pimpsomes! =
Jessica and Emily are the most pimpsoming people i know.

Emily and Jessica just pimpsomed their way to the top of all the pimsomes!

Jessica and Emily will never forget that pimpsoming day that their fait was sealed.

From then on they would never forget their pimsome word, and to this day they think it should pimpsomely be in the dictionary.
by Emily&Jessica July 16, 2009
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