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Italian word for "friend", or "close friend", also the name of ALOT of tacky Italian restaraunts in the US. Often when the word is pronounced by an Italian man, you will not hear the 'o' (oohhh) sound at the end of the word. It will sound like Piesan "Pie - zan".

Correct usage and pronounciation of "Piesano".
You must say "Piesano"! (Pie-ZAN !!!!)
Say it Loud or with alot of passion. If you do not, other Italians will be confused, and not hear you clearly.
Much like the high pitch that only a dog would hear, Italians only hear Loud. Not pitch specific...just LOUD.
You may also choose hand movement when referencing Piesano. This is not necessary but will get your message across much quicker to other Italians.
Hey 'Piesano', have a second helping of my mama's ravioli !
That guy thinks he is my 'Piesano', but he can 'Va Fa Cuno' !

by SpaMafia - Fighting Dirty March 09, 2008
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