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Automotive: A tool commonly used for breaking the tapers loose on ball joints and tie rod ends. Sometimes called an olive fork. They are correctly called a "Ball Joint Separator" or "Tie Rod Separator" but have gained the name from their resemblence to the long, skinny forks used to remove pickles (or olives) from a jar.

The term can be used for a variety of items, anything much longer than it is wide, with two prongs on one end and some sort of handle on the other.

"I need to replace a tie rod end on my car but I don't have a pickle fork. "


"Any ideas how I can separate these flanges?"

"Have you tried a pickle fork?"

"No, great idea!"
by Old Radio Collector September 30, 2006
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technique with the hands to stimulate a womans vagina and anus at the same time. Take thumb and thrust it up the cunthole while inserting index finger in the smelly bung hole.
Hey bitch, bend over so I can slip you some pickle fork.
by DTRAIN March 28, 2005
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