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noun: pianotic; plural noun: pianotics

A mythical creature or real person which has been diagnosed with or shows symptoms of habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often the face and uses the piano or plays the piano, especially as a hobby, professionally, or is pianotically incorrigible.
β€œBilly, you are your father’s only son and he was diagnosed as a satisfactory but not especially good pianotic. With training, his natural aptitude will likely remain within the bounds of current abilities, less than or equal to his best prod at creation. You are not up to par Billy, you are not of the excellent pianotics. don’t prod at creation Billy.. please Billy, *thwip-mmh-mmh-stop-breathing*."

"Unicorns or pianoticorns are historically dexterous pianotics of Brobdingnagian proportions, by fair means or foul, in the absence of fingers they convey mellifluous, musical compositions of pure sublimity pressing their pride on to a location on the surface of the piano mechanics, one perfect note at a time."

"I'm connected to this pianotic on the currently most popular social media platform and hen plays the piano and has a lot of tics but hen just shakes off the tics so at least hen has that going for hen."

"I'm a proud pianotic.”
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by pj4kkur August 12, 2019
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