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When one (the "phluncher") vomits over someone (the "phlunchee") before punching them in the head in order to escape whilst the phlunchee comes to terms with the phlunching.

Normally used when there is a) a there is a extreme need to vomit b) no unoccupied toilets. Clubs are prime phlunching spots.
Phlunchee: "Ah man, I was so drunk the other day, went to the toilet in the club and was sitting there taking a dump when this guy bursts in and vomits over me!"

Friend: "What?! Did you hit him?"

Phlunchee: "I couldn't! He hit me first! I had to recover, wipe my ass, clean the vomit and then go and find him, but he'd run away by then!"

Friend: "Dude, you got phlunched pretty hard"
by Keyboard_cat October 10, 2010
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