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The name given to a person who believes they are amazing at philosophy and never hesitates to use this philosophy in arguments. Their assumption is of course unjustified and they are in fact a douche.
Yeh, he is such a philosodouche
by Captain philosophy January 22, 2011
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Largely, philosodouches are people who believe they are exceptional at philosophy, but in fact are not. Obnoxiousness is a key component of every philosodouche. Unique to all philosodouches is the fact that they are both philosophical and douches. In fact, most philosodouches will be primarily interested in continental philosophy, which is predominantly the work of those such as Satre, Fichte, Anderson, Laurelle, Kierkegaard, Irigaray,Nietzsche, Gaillard, Hegel, Arendt and Magliola. In political philosophy, philosodouchism refers to the desire to dominate the world by decapitating all other human's heads using a guillotine and storing them in baskets.
For example, X begins analysing a beautiful sunset using philosophy. Everyone else is enjoying a cold beverage and appreciating the emotive and aesthetic beauty of it. Not only is X's philosophy unimaginably boring, but it is also manifestly false, thus making X a philosodouche.
by Edmund Nigma January 26, 2011
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