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Unnecessarily aggressive sex between gay Welsh men
my arse is so sore, I feel like I have been Philbo'd
by Dan Gleeballs 888 November 22, 2015
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A gay man that usually lives in the suburbs of Bristol or can be associated with other welsh suburbs. Rents an office and then is rarely there as he is either cruising for gay sex or pretending to be at meetings. Philbos works in fits and spurts because he is constantly distracted by his hunt for cock and hangs around rugby clubs a lot pretending to be a player. Philbos always get found out because they are not clever enough to cover their tracks. A Philbo must always be humoured by work colleagues who often have to pretend that the Philbo is a clever valued member of the team, if not Philbos get very tetchy especially if starved of cock for longer periods.
He is a real Philbo that one, be careful he will be tetchy if he has not had enough penis recently
by Diamond geeza January 15, 2015
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