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To feel and care about someone else to the point where one creates a sense of the other person/animal's state of being. It may or may delusion, however the root of the person's belief stems from his/her imagination. In reality, the other person does not care. The other person is apathetic but the sympathetic/empathetic person projects emotions onto what he/she is observing.

A person feeling philapathy may or may not be right depending on the circumstance. However, philapathy is an imaginative sense nonetheless.
That person is in a corner so therefore he/she is lonely. In fact, that person in the corner does not care to associate with anyone in the room but the onlooker does not understand from his/her point of view because the onlooker would not feel the same way under the same circumstance. The reason why this person projects this state is always due to love or caring for that individual who displays apathy.

A person feeling philapathy will often think he/she know what another is feeling but may or may not be right.
by magnusaffect August 15, 2009
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