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She is a very funny person but can be serious when needed. She is tall with dark brown hair and grey/Blue eyes . She isn't afraid to speak her mind and she is confident at most things she does
by Kc_McWilson April 20, 2018
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Phebie is one of a kind, she loves outdoors and she has the most positive personallity ever. Phebie is drop dead gorgeous and has the most magnificent smile, her eyes are beautiful and she loves everyone. She can be serious when she needs to be-but other then that she has a very good sence of humour. Phebie isn't shy, she will be confident at all times and she speaks with pride, your lucky to have a Phebie in you life.
That person is amazing, well she's a Phebie
by Lucy Underwheel January 14, 2019
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