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A commonly used term by gamers, derived from the word "phaggocyte" from biology, combined with "ganondorf". A boy named pandar on AIM accidentally typed "phaggozorf" instead of "phaggozord" (phaggo + zord). Phaggo = fag, but added an "o" to it so it can link to the suffix. So when you combine it all together, its phaggozorf which is being a huge faggot like ganondorf from Legend of Zelda.
EX 1)PandArCigar (12:32:08 AM): you're a fag
PandArCigar (12:32:11 AM): phaggozorf
PandArCigar (12:32:14 AM): phaggozord*
pl0x (12:32:16 AM): is that like
pl0x (12:32:18 AM): ganondorf
pl0x (12:32:20 AM): phaggozorf
PandArCigar (12:32:24 AM): no its not
PandArCigar (12:32:24 AM): LOL
pl0x (12:32:24 AM): LOL
PandArCigar (12:32:29 AM): HAR HAR THARSDAYS lets post it up on UD NOW LOLz0rd
by pandaboyx September 23, 2009
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