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the term phag (meaning fag), was made from some gamers because the gamers are restricted from saying "fag" so they say phag. Then another gamer, named hinsonhui (commonly known on games as: hinsonbetter) learned a term in biology called "phaggocyte" then people have started using that term. Then a former comrade of hinsonhui named kelvinmak combined the term "z0rd" (there is a term named z0rd on UD) with phaggocyte which made phaggozord. It is just something that is a fag basically.
Panda: LOL you just got GG'ed by my rockets n00b.
Kelvin: stfu phaggozord.
Panda: wtf? you know you can say fag in gunz? so stfu noob?
Hinson: (thinking in mind, "omfg they copied my phaggocyte)
Panda: dude i know what you're thinking thats why i posted this on UD phaggozorf

*see phaggozorf on UD also guys!*
by pandaboyx September 21, 2009
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