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Phactual; The Ph of Phactual derives from the use of 'Ph' in the word Ph•ishing, Ph•actual.
Phactual is the characterization of the act of a media or political figure who actively and willfully misleads the public by manufacturing false data and testimony to give a false impression that the story they are telling has substantial evidence that supports a lie or falsehood that they are trying to convince the public as truth.
Propaganda is often in its entirety built on Phactual data.

When Hillary Clinton gave Phactual data to support that she never accepted money from foreign leaders while Secretary of State, she convinced many of her innocents. When later evidence overwhelmingly shows she did accept large donations and gifts from foreign leaders at that time, Hillary admitted to some allegations of it, but said she had special permission for the Clinton initiative to receive charitable gifts.

Fox News heavily relies on Phactual data and witnesses to support a false narrative to benefit their political agenda.

Fracking companies often use Phactual data and Phactual health laboratory research results that show that fracking has no long lasting harmful effects on natural habitats or human health, that are just bold lies that have often been proven false over and over.

The media in the 2016 election used a lot of Phactual election data to smear presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Donald Trump in an average conversation spews out 27.6 Phacts a minute to support his ego.
by cootiefarmer June 10, 2016
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