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1. "Fucked up".

2. A location in Internetville.

3. A word commonly used to express how big of a noob Alex is for watching Totally Spies.

This word originally came about as a caustic stab towards 80's text files lingo where 12 year old creators would replace F's with Ph's and O's with 0's. They would also intentionally spell words incorrectly.

Alex watches Totally Spies.
by Zac69 May 15, 2008
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Amazing website with a high level of graphic detail, free pornography for little kids, and crackerjack box Driver's Licenses for angsty teens who would want them, which as you know from living in this outside world, we have given lots of so far, yet still so many remain left ungiven.
Hold on, I'm fucking your sister in the ass.
Okay...Wait, what?
Anyway, what?
Dude, what?
Ohhh, okay.
by Alex69 May 03, 2008
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