stud, strong, macho, manly; like the guys who drive the trucks of the same name.
The girls all fell for Mike because he was a real Peterbilt.
by Richard Black March 30, 2005
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A Polish Peterbilt is a Big Rig made by Volvo that usually will be painted either as the Polish flag (bottom half red and top half white or be just covered in Polish "Orzeł Biały" (White Eagle) decals. Typically, the Polish Peterbilts are red or white but color can vary. When they talk on the C.B. Polka can be heard in the background and if 2 polacks are talking to each other, the word "Kurwa" will be used every 2nd word. (Pronounced "Kourr-Va).
Tomasz- Kurwa!!!! Hey Vladimir! Is that Dimitri's red and white Polish Peterbilt with all the white eagle decals on her, nose-dive parked at the truck stop? KURWA!!!

Vladimir- I dont know but i saw the kurwa driver leave the truck and walk to the truck stop wearing his knee-high black kurwa socks with his brown kurwa sandals. He was also wearing kurwa aviators and had a mustache. maybe it was that Wiktor kurwa.

Tomasz- Kurwa!!!! That kurwa could be anyone! Kuuuurvaaa!
by mc94xr7 October 15, 2011
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