'Pay-sock" what your Jewish and Yahwist friends call Passover. EXODUS chapters 12-13 is the first Passover, Yahweh delivers the Israelites out of Egypt. The Last Supper and Crucifixion of Jesus (Yahshua) were on Passover (Matthew chapters 26-27, Mark chapters 14-15, Luke chapters 22-23, John chapters 12-19).
Shlomoh: Happy Easter Bob!

Bob: Happy Pesach Shlomoh!
by Kahdlibber October 9, 2017
Pesach is a Jewish celebration of a time when the Messiah Moses bought the Jews out of the land of Egypt and slavery and he bought them through the desert bringing them into the land of israel. In this space of time in the dessert many miracles occured like the falling of bread from the sky.

Moses was a baby who's life was saved by his mother who placed him in a wicker basket and aced him in the river for no Jewish children were allowed to be born and then pharoah (ki g of Egypt) own daughter found Moses and kept him as her child. Years pass and Moses gets into trouble running away from Egypt he runs to the land of Canaan and becomes a Shepard a d one day whilst in the field he comes across. A burning bush whish he talks to God talks back to Moses telling him to go to Egypt to speak to pharoah and tell him to let the Jews go Mose sis not sure but he goes anyway.

When Moses arrives in Egypt he goes to pharoah and tells him to let the Jews go pharoah says no so as to prove to pharoah his words come from God he performs magic but pharoahs man perform the same stunt and so mosses goes to pharoah ten times each time after pharoah says no something bad happens to the Egyptians these are called the ten plagues. So finally pharoah says yes and the Jews leave Egypt. And this is what the Jews celebrate on Pesach it is a festival for their release from slavery
Pesach time
by Chelisha May 28, 2019