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an extreme, yet not intense, way to express the disgusting and sexual needs in which a horny person is excited.

also, is often used as a racial negro slur when offending an african american

may be used in a sexual reference

may also be used when referring to sea monkeys

can also be used when referring to the sexual pleasure with the creative use of marionettes.
-Portuguese Steve is a very big pervort because he is a fan of the younger race, children. He likes to use his pervortish charm to molest the children with balloons and dildos.

-"Yo man, you completely pervort, forreal yo. Pervort, you whack, bitch."-directed to black person

-"Oh baby, your pervorted ways turn me on. I keep dreaming of how you stick your pervort in me sideways."

-The little pervorts swam through the sea like a school of fish.

-"Oh, Ezekiel, i love it when you make the pervort touch me. Those strings hanging from your teeth really add in that sexual feeling."
by minutemaid bawls August 01, 2009
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