A Perth who was born in or lives in Perth, Western Australia.
"I'm a proud Perthian, I was born and raised there"
by kitta April 14, 2004
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- Noun (pl. Perthians) (Less commonly, Perthite)

A native or inhabitant of Perth, Western Australia.

Inaccurately perceived by foreigners as being a progressive and trendy individual (their city, incidentally, consistently ranks amongst the world's most livable), The Perthian is (more correctly) stereotyped by other Australians as unsophisticated and bogan, to a level almost on par with that of the average Queenslander.

- Adjective

Of, or relating to Perth (Western Australia).
Perthian: "I may not be able to read and write, but I'm a Perthian, and proud of it!"
Non-Perthian Australian: "... But being a Perthian's not something to be proud of..."
Non-Perthian Australian 2: "... And what happened to your cultural cringe, are you guys even Australian or what?"
<Non-Perthians share an uneasy look>

Non-Perthian Australian 1: "Mate, get a load of all the ugg boots, flannel shirts and young teenage mums pushing prams"
Non-Perthian Australian 2: "Indeed, one could say the atmosphere here is very… Perthian…"
<Both snigger>
by Charlemagne1993 April 25, 2014
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The unofficial name for people that come from the city of Perth, in south western Australia.
He is such a bogan, he must be a Perthian.
by aeroplanesdotcomdotau December 25, 2014
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