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personality install:

- the desired (but presently impossible) procedure of installing a personality into a person who appears to have none

Background: Many 'non-contributting-zeros' and 'useless-eaters' would do better for themselves and society if they had dynamic and well functioning personalities, or just died. The percentage of the population which could use this procedure seems to be growing. The end game for the Zombie Apocalypse is to have robotic mindless people --- perhaps this fictitious concept of 'personality installs' might be able to thwart what seems to be coming.
Jim: Is it just me, or does that guy seem like a zombie to you too?
Bob: Oh yeah! That empty-vessel is a useless-eater who could use a 'personality install'.

Jim: I think Jane could do with a 'personality transplant'.
Bob: Jane would have to have one, first. What that non-contributing-zero needs is a 'personality install'.
by GlennyJ December 10, 2013
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