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Noun - A lurker who wastes his life on Facebook and only lurks. Some ways a perma - lurker lurks is by going to peoples walls and looks at peoples recent activity to lurk.
They are constantly found on a majority of statuses, wall posts, and etc.
Noun - Perma - lurk is a disease that currently does not have any medication or subsequent cure. The PLO (Perma Lurking Organization) offers some rehabilitation, however most members of this group stand by the organizations motto: ONCE A LURK, ALWAYS A LURK.
Noun - Perma Lurks are also drugs that are taken in the form of pills. They are an over the counter medication that are usually prescribed to depressed individuals such as Shayan Niknam.

Indicators to if you are a Perma Lurker - If you are constantly first, second, or third on the Top Followers quizzes then you are no doubt a perma - lurker. If you are fifth through tenth you need medical attention as well.
Example One -
Awwww fucking A!~ this perma - Lurker from Texas won't leave me alone! I see him in every status!

Its fucking annoying because this perma lurker knows how big my dick is!

Roozbeh is such a big Perma Lurker! HE needs some serious medical attention..
by Roozyyyy January 23, 2010
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