A dude that is willing to fuck a girl on her period
"He was a period guy, it was awesome I wanted to get laid so bad and he didn't care that I was bleeding"
by sexylexyy September 1, 2009
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Guy period applies to men when they are having diarrhea and it dosen't go away for a couple of days
Hey . I'm on my guy period no anal tonight
by StarRose918 May 8, 2019
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An empathetic Guy who feels bad for girls on their period. Typically will talk to multiple girls for them to vent to him, or may even be asked to purchase woman hygiene products for girls on their period.
Sally: Dan is such a sweet guy. He was willing to go to the store and buy me pads when I couldn't leave work.
Victoria: Yeah, he's a real Period Guy

Ruby: Hey Tanner, can I vent about my day? I warn you, it is period talk
Tanner: Not a problem, I'm the Period Guy
by BeatBots January 6, 2019
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