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Any vehicle for sale listed on any one of the popular on-line vehicle sales sites (and on-line auction sites) that in reality is a piece of junk, but with a quick inexpensive paint job, the vehicle looks great in the on-line photos (which are usually not very large).

Upon buying or winning the bid on such a car, and once the new owner obtains the vehicle, he/she finds out that the vehicle basically had just a quick cheap paint job that only looks good from 20 feet away. He/she finds rust was painted over, and everything else about the car is a nightmare (bad suspension, leaking window seals, electrical problems, underside body rot, missing parts, etc.)

The new owner will find that they will spend thousands of dollars just to get the vehicle roadworthy, which by that time, the inexpensive quick paint job will start to wear and peel, and rust will begin to bubble through.

A perfumed pig seems to sell for twice what its actually worth simply because the combination of the fresh paint job & on-line photos make it appear that the vehicle is worth more.
The car Smitty bought on-line looked good until you got right up on it where you could see it was painted right over scratches and rust, and it needed so much work just for him to drive it... he really got suckered into buying a perfumed pig.
by Charles Waggon July 01, 2009
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