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One of four launch titles for the XBOX 360. Like the system, there was two versions. The original which only came with the game and manual and the Limited Collectors Edition, which came with all the stuff of the original plus an extras DVD, a metal casing, a collectors comic and a holographic glyph. Prequel to the N64 game Perfect Dark. A much more awesome game than Halo 2
I love Perfect Dark Zero. Joanna Dark is fuckin' hot.
by JasonD July 29, 2006
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THe next installment of Perfect Dark, early rumors have said that this game will begin after the origional Perfect Dark, but you will transport back in time to before the origional game. Still these are early rumors. Expected to come out on Xbox but possiably an Xbox 2 launch title.
GoldenEye 2 is the next insatllment of GoldenEye, however Perfect Dark Zero is made by Rareware the same company that made the Origional Perfect Dark and Goldeneye.
by Impstrong April 21, 2004
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