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A People Pleaser is a person who believes that they are less then most others on the planet and have the need to hide these beliefs from all whom they come in contact with. They feel so low that they typically behave like a doormat and frequently put themselves in situations where they are treated as such. A people please will do almost anything to keep others in the dark about what is going on within. Dishonesty, deception and lies are the primary tools used by a People Pleaser. Within the context of an intimate relationship, a People Pleaser will frequently paint illusions that depict what they believe their partner wants to see all the while never disclosing who and what they really are. People Pleaser's also have the tendency to frustrate their partner to no end with this insidious behavior. A People Pleaser's goal is always the same which is to keep anyone from knowing just how crappy they feel about themselves and they will strive for this goal at any cost. A person afflicted with this "disease to please" will typically tell more lies over the course of a lifetime than those with other mental illnesses. People Pleaser's can come in the form of men but are typically women as they are more emotionally based.
When a People Pleaser dies, the see the life of someone else flash before their eyes.
by dHagar May 22, 2013
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A relatively new word in the psychology world, it's not in the DSM-IV-TR (a book that a couselor would use for a diagnosis). People pleasers are doormats who let high expectations, resentment, and saying yes when they mean no run their lives. They are set on being perfect and nice. It affects mostly women because they are socialized to do for other people instead of for themselves. This has also been linked to codependence.
Woman 1: "Let's ask Kate to do the bake sale. She never says no."
Woman 2:"She's such a people pleaser."
by VenusPandora July 31, 2006
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A people pleaser is a person who pleases people just for the sake of keeping them as a friend, or making them happy. They're often toxic and horrible to their friends, and very two faced. They're usually not trustworthy, and should be avoided at all costs for the sake of your mental health.
"I told Margaret that I hated Janet, and she told me she hated Janet too but I just found out today that Janet told Margaret the same thing and Margaret said she hated me! She sure is a people pleaser"
by MemeySatan December 27, 2016
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