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A cheap 1-2 hitter made out of a pen (preferabbly bic metal capped), which can be used to smoke weed. A pen hitter is made when one removes the metal cap on the front of the pen and empty's out its contents. The plastic cap on the back of the pen should also be removed. Next, turn the metal cap backwards and ram it into either side of the pen case, afterwhich you should melt it in place with a lighter. One can then pack weed into the metal cap, and smoke it from the other end much like a chillum. Although this method is cheap, it is often looked down apon in most neighborhoods as a fiendish way of getting high, or a desperate resort. I dont give a shit though, as over the years i have made dozens of them.
I make a pen hitter everytime I have a bunch of weed but no piece.
by M. O'Connor April 07, 2007
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