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A thieving gypsy woman who turns up at ones front door offering pegs for sale along with rabbits foot and other rubbish. One is obliged to purchase said pegs as the thieving gypo wood tink will put a curse on you and your family causing your house to fall down and your penis to fall off.
"Hello i,m selling pegs for the gypo encampment down the road, you know the one that has brought down house prices in the area"

"Emmm, no thanks you smelly pegseller woman"

"you will regret that sir, your house will fall down within a week and your knob will fall off....the curse has been set"

"Piss off wood tink"

"I,ll be back later with the boys to rob your house and re-lay your driveway!"
by spikester March 14, 2012
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